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The International Children's Ergonomics Foundation was formed by the efforts of
Jeffrey Chung, Ph.D and Anne Kramer in December 2001, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promote ergonomics education for school-age children, young adults, parents and educators.

The impetus for ICEF's formation was the alarming data that have begun to surface with regards to children in elementary schools who may be placed at risk by computer workstations that have been designed with little or no regard for their musculoskeletal development. According to a study published in Computers in Schools by Shawn Oates, ergonomic and environmental psychology researchers found that almost 40 percent of the third-to-fifth graders studied used computer workstations that put them at postural risk; the other 60 percent scored in a range indicating "some concern." To ICEF, this is just the tip of the iceberg as children are also exposed to ergonomic risks with home computers, video games, back packs, etc.

Ergonomics awareness education will prepare our future generations of scientists, engineers, educators and service providers to minimize at risk conditions and practices that could affect their health and jeopardize their livelihood before they become productive citizens in our society. Ergonomically healthy kids are vital to our national interest.

We have a special responsibility to teach our children to do things safely. Their future, and our very own, depends on it.

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