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Ergonomically Protecting Our Younger Generations:
A Commentary from Jeffrey Chung, Ph.D CHFP

The need to address children's ergonomics in the school and home environments is gradually evolving into a national discussion as we examine its potential impact on our youths' health, quality of life and economic livelihood. Although the availability of reportable ergonomically-related injury data for children is limited, variables of force, frequency posture and duration have an impact on musculoskeletal system when coupled with the use of physically mis-matched/oversized computer work station and components, overuse of video game units or excessive weights in/improper support of backpacks.

Creating ergonomic awareness and changing the mind set (and at-risk practices) of our younger generation will be a valuable investment for preserving the health, safety and productivity of our future workforce. Children have developing, yet vulnerable, musculoskeletal systems and resources need to be created to help them understand and eliminate the acute and chronic risk exposures that could result in of cumulative trauma and/or repetitive motion injuries. If in ~25 years we could successfully change the mind set, perceptions and practices of using seatbelts, we can proactively, and much more quickly, equip and reach out now to help positively change the "ergonomics" culture of our children as they live and interact in an ever-technologically advancing world.

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